Boomtown 2018 Lineup Leaked

The Boomtown 2018 lineup has leaked! Well some of it at least. These photos have been all over social media for the past couple of hours so you might well have already seen them.

Boomtown Sector 6

Hopefully we get some more soon. Check below to see what we have so far.

Lions Den Lineup 2018

Town Centre Lineup 2018

Sector 6 Lineup 2018

Banghai Towers Lineup 2018

Poco Loco Lineup 2018

Pagoda Plaza Lineup 2018

Robotica Lineup 2018

Psy Forest Lineup 2018

We also got a round up of some headline acts across several stages:

I’ll keep you posted if we get anymore soon. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re a member of Boomtown Chat because that’s where any leaks are likely to turn up first.

Update 1: The full program has now leaked and spread everywhere. I won’t be posting it up here but perhaps you can find it easily on Reddit? Who knows.

Update 2: By popular demand, the Town Centre lineup is now added to this page.

Please support the festival and buy a program. It’s a great souvenir. If you find and download the full PDF that’s going around, you will be able to see how much care and effort went into making it. Please support those talented individuals that put it together.

That’s it for now.


Updated September 2018: Boomtown 2018 is now over and done with, but you can still find all our latest information on Boomtown 2019 right here on Boomtown Source.