Boomtown 2018 Video – Official After Film

After what seems like an eternity, the official Boomtown 2018 video is here, and it’s the best we’ve seen in years. Less talk, more video:

Here are some of my thoughts on this years video:

  • It’s great to see the video above 10 minutes in length. There was often more than one video in years gone by. The second film was called “Secrets of the City”. It was very disappointing to get only one after film under 5 minutes in length in some recent years.
  • The film is simply epic. It showcases every aspect of the festival, whereas in the past it has sometimes focused too much on only the main stages.
  • I like seeing a focus on the story line once again. In recent years the story line has dropped out of the official after film, but it’s back front and centre this time. We pretty much got an abridged version of the closing show, which I don’t think ever happened before in the official video.
  • The new Radical City themes of Environment, Sustainability and Consequences are highlighted. We can tell Boomtown are taking this Radical City business seriously going forward, especially since the after film is one of the biggest promotional tools used each year to sell tickets.

Those are just some of my first thoughts on seeing the video for the first time this evening. What did you think of the Boomtown 2018 video? Connect with us on our new Facebook page.

You can find all the news and build up to Boomtown 2019 right here on Boomtown Source.

Big love.