Boomtown 2021 map – Big changes!

Have you been struggling to get your head around the changes coming to Boomtown in 2021? I’ve had a crack at making a Boomtown 2021 map, based on what we know so far. It really helps to visualise how the festival is going to be changing next year.

It’s worth keeping in mind this is an unofficial map, and a lot of guesswork has gone into the locations. That said, this is roughly how things may end up looking in 2021.

Boomtown Map 2021

If you want to compare, you can click here for our map of the 2019 festival.

I think that it’s pretty cool that all the 6 main districts will now be located in a now expanded downtown bowl area. It’s going to a proper little crazy city down there! And for the first time in years, every campsite will be just a short stroll from the main action.

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