Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other, Respect Your City

Boomtown have launched a video to support theirĀ Respect campaign. The idea is to look after yourself, look after each other, and look after the city. These are principles to make sure everyone; punters, crew, artists and staff alike all have a great time at the festival.

The basic principles are pretty sound. So have a watch of the video below and get yourself into the Boomtown mindset. We are all one big community, let’s all look out for one another and have a great time while at the festival and in our every day lives.

“The future of Boomtown is unwritten, we must consider the environment, sustainability and consequences, in order to survive…”

At the 2018 festival we learnt that this new set of values are very important to the organisers of Boomtown. It looks like these set of values are going to be a guiding principle for how the festival should be run going forward in 2019 and beyond.

We are hoping to bring you more details about the scheme, and our thoughts and feelings about it all in a future Boomtown Source update post coming soon! In the mean time, check out the video released by the festival themselves:

That’s all for now.