Boomtown Build Update 04/08/2018 (Spoilers!)

Source has a brand new round up of Boomtown build photos for you. Now things are getting fairly progressed, some photos have come out which are starting to show a lot of the finer details for this year.

If you want everything to remain a total surprise, then look away now!

First of all, Source had these 4 great photos from Tom Hepworth on twitter. He is a TV presenter for local news.

Moving over onto instagram, there is a new post from @soaringviews the drone pilot. We featured his photo last week as well, this update is exactly 10 days later.

@amanda_buenfeld got this shot of the Wickerman who sits atop Sunset Point. Sunset Point is a great lookout point across the whole Downtown area of Boomtown. Find out where Sunset point it is on our Boomtown map. Perfect for a chill out as the sun goes down!

Final photo today from @masterajhunts91 is another outlook over construction of Downtown.

That’s it for this time. Take a look at all the latest Source build updates if you need a little more hype in your life.

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