Best Places to Camp at Boomtown Fair

Where is the best place to camp at Boomtown? Which is the best campsite? It’s one of the most frequent questions I see being asked on social media. With the help of my unofficial Boomtown Map I’m going to go over the details of every campsite at the festival so you know your the best spots.

Boomtown Source: Best Place to Camp Guidebook
Boomtown Source: Best Place to Camp Guidebook

In this post, I’ve given every campsite my own personal rating, along with a selection of pros and cons.  I’m only covering the main public campsites which are open to everyone. So if you’ve already pre-booked a campsite this article might not be for you. So read on to find out my top picks for the best campsite at Boomtown Festival.

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Boomtown 2018: Let’s talk about the weather…

With 2 weeks to go until Boomtown 2018, it’s time to sit down and have a chat about the weather. You might have seen that it’s predicted to be as hot as 37c this week in parts of London.

Normally as a festival weekend approaches in the UK, we all start frantically checking the weather forecast. We usually are hoping, wishing and praying for no rain.

6/8/18: Editors note – the weather forecast has significantly changed since this article was written. Pack for all weather!

Boomtown Mud

This year though the focus is a little different. Everyone is asking… Just how hot is Boomtown going to be? In case you have been living under a rock, we are enjoying one of the best summers in UK history. It has barely rained at all in almost 3 months for most of the South of England. And everyday has been a BBQ day for weeks on end.

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Boomtown Map 2018: Main Stages and Camping Map

Looking to find your way around Boomtown 2018? Look no further than my own unofficial Boomtown map! On this page I’ve got you covered with both the official and my unofficial Boomtown camping map.

Boomtown Aerial Photo

Getting lost and discovering a new act, secret alleyway, or forest party is all part of the fun at Boomtown Fair. But sometimes you need to know where you’re going, so that you can find your way to the acts you want to see.

The map has not yet been updated for 2019, and nobody knows exactly how things are going to change next year. If you’re looking for the latest information, then head over to everything you need to know about Boomtown 2019.

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Boomtown Official: BTN Episode 3

The 3rd episode of “BTN: Boomtown News” is out for 2018. This time, it focuses on the totally new layout of the festival. The festival gods have finally gifted us with a Boomtown Map… in video form!

A lot has changed for 2018. Most of the camping has been removed from the bowl area. Downtown has been totally rearranged and expanded into a whole new maze of alleyways and hidden venues. See what else you can spot. Exciting times!

Remember to check out our very own own unofficial Boomtown Map which should help clear up any confusion about the new layout.

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