Boomtown FAQ: The questions the festival won’t answer

I’ve been spending some time recently helping to answer people’s questions on the Boomtown Subreddit and on the Boomtown Chat Facebook page. So I’ve decided to put together a Boomtown FAQ of the most common asked questions.

There are some questions the festival won’t answer, and I’ll try to give an honest and balanced answer to them. Whatever you do this year, please remember this years respect campaign. Look after yourself, each other, and Boomtown itself.

The rest of them are just regular old questions I see being asked everyday.

Boomtown Tribe Of Frog

If you feel like you just spent 12 straight hours in Tribe of Frog, and found more questions than answers… Read on to find enlightenment.

This FAQ was written in the weeks running up to Boomtown 2018, and answers questions mostly about arrival at the festival. You can find my latest coverage of Boomtown 2019 by clicking here.

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Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other, Respect Your City

Boomtown have launched a video to support their Respect campaign. The idea is to look after yourself, look after each other, and look after the city. These are principles to make sure everyone; punters, crew, artists and staff alike all have a great time at the festival.

The basic principles are pretty sound. So have a watch of the video below and get yourself into the Boomtown mindset. We are all one big community, let’s all look out for one another and have a great time while at the festival and in our every day lives.

“The future of Boomtown is unwritten, we must consider the environment, sustainability and consequences, in order to survive…”

At the 2018 festival we learnt that this new set of values are very important to the organisers of Boomtown. It looks like these set of values are going to be a guiding principle for how the festival should be run going forward in 2019 and beyond.

We are hoping to bring you more details about the scheme, and our thoughts and feelings about it all in a future Boomtown Source update post coming soon! In the mean time, check out the video released by the festival themselves:

That’s all for now.


Boomtown Build Update 01/08/2018

The festival have posted some new teasers images from this years Boomtown build on Facebook! As usual, they are not giving much away. There are some big surprises this year, and so far we haven’t actually seen many updates from in and around the site. No big spoilers leaked so far… keep up the good works guys.

Boomtown Build Update August

You should go check out the official Building Boomtown Facebook post now to see it all if you haven’t yet. If you want to stay here, then I’ll see you after the jump for some more official photos and instagram updates.

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Fake Tickets: Why to never buy a ticket from social media

Beware of fake tickets for Boomtown! There are still official tickets for the festival available from the official website. There is no reason to buy a ticket from social media.  Once a ticket bar code has been used once, it can never be used again. The seller can sell the same ticket as many times as they want. Maybe hundreds of times. But only the first person to arrive will actually be let in.

But what if the seller seems totally legit?

That doesn’t mean they are not stupid. Check out this post from Instagram today. The seller has posted the entire ticket for the whole world to see. Anyone who buys it from him, will probably find it won’t work. I’ve cut out the important details.

Boomtown Fake Ticket

The guy is probably a totally upstanding chap, but his silly mistake of posting it publicly on Instagram has invalidated the ticket. I have emailed Boomtown to get the bar code cancelled. They should be able to issue the poor lad with a fresh one. I hope now that someone won’t get stung by this particular example.

But it is a lesson to be learned. Don’t buy from strangers. You don’t know what they’ve been doing with that ticket.


Best Places to Camp at Boomtown Fair

Where is the best place to camp at Boomtown? Which is the best campsite? It’s one of the most frequent questions I see being asked on social media. With the help of my unofficial Boomtown Map I’m going to go over the details of every campsite at the festival so you know your the best spots.

Boomtown Source: Best Place to Camp Guidebook
Boomtown Source: Best Place to Camp Guidebook

In this post, I’ve given every campsite my own personal rating, along with a selection of pros and cons.  I’m only covering the main public campsites which are open to everyone. So if you’ve already pre-booked a campsite this article might not be for you. So read on to find out my top picks for the best campsite at Boomtown Festival.

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