Pictures of Gwen – A new story, from the team behind the Boomtown Maze

It’s been a long time since anyone has been able to visit the beloved make-believe city of Boomtown. Do you miss it? The discovery? The fantasy? An intriguing new story is now unfolding: Pictures of Gwen.

Pictures of Gwen

The team behind the immersive theatrical Maze and its online adventure elements, including the “Escape! 404” storyline, certainly miss it! That’s why they’ve taken the spirit and artistic legacy of Boomtown’s alternate reality and built a whole new world for you to explore and interact with!

Pictures of Gwen: What is it?

An online ARG (alternate reality game) that you can play at home, from the same team who bought you the Boomtown immersive theatrical maze. Think of escape rooms, puzzle solving, and adventure games! The story will develop in real time, and plays out across social media accounts, and interactive websites.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing to play the online game, but you can help support the team by pledging on kickstarter. You’ll get exclusive rewards, including art prints, tarot cards and other clues to help get you on your way…


Tell me more!

Torstow is an enchanted and mysterious West Country city where the boundaries between story and reality, myth and science, audience and character, break down. You will join Gwen, an artist in a brand new city taking up the job offer of a lifetime, as she explores the many, magical streets of Torstow and meets its strange, uncanny and familiar inhabitants.

For now, Pictures of Gwen’s world will exist online, on social media accounts and in websites that feature experimental storytelling and audience interaction. It can be explored from home, alone, in small groups or as part of the already thriving online community surrounding the experience.

There will be a supplementary package of art prints, tarot cards and an in-world zine featuring additional story content. This package will enrich and make tangible the online investigations.

If you enjoyed Boomtown’s online adventure in 2019 and 2020 (perhaps as a member of the Boomtown Storyline Facebook Group) then Pictures of Gwen is the perfect experience for you!

How to get fully involved

  1. Support the team, and back it on Kickstarter for access to those exclusive rewards!
  2. Follow the official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Join the Facebook group dedicated to exploring the story together
  4. Subscribe to the Lost in the Maze podcast, who will be covering the entire story
  5. Read this interview with the creative director to learn more
  6. And watch this YouTube trailer:

Hope to see all you storyline explorers in the Facebook group!

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