Record ticket sales, but will Boomtown 2019 sell out?

Boomtown have clocked up record ticket sales in just the first few day of being available. Over 20,000 tickets sold in the first 2 hours alone. So does that mean the festival is on course to totally sell out? And if it does, then when will it sell out?

Shy FX Lions Den
SHY FX opening the Lions Den at Boomtown

20,000 tickets for Boomtown 2019 were sold in less than 2 hours, according to the festival. That compares impressively to the 15,500 which were said to have been sold on the first night last year.  It seems clear that sales are off to their strongest ever start, and by quite a large margin.

Tickets for Boomtown 2019 first went on sale at 7pm on the 1st of November 2018.  Standard tier 1 tickets sold out in less than 10 seconds. And within just a few minutes, every other type of tier 1 or 2 ticket had been snapped up in record time.

Tier 3 tickets for Boomtown 2019 are still available, and can be purchased right now only at theticketsellers. As well as the standard tier 3 tickets, there are plenty of other options and upgrades available. Confused? I’ve got you covered with all the frequently asked questions about Boomtown 2019 tickets.

Did Boomtown sell out in 2018?

Surprisingly Boomtown 2018 didn’t actually totally sell out. Tickets were still available to buy from the 6th of June 2018 resale, throughout July, and then right up to the day of the festival itself in August.

Confusingly, the festival did originally sell out in February of 2018. So what happened? The exact facts surrounding why so many resale tickets were available is a bit mystery, and subject to some speculation. Perhaps Source will write something more extensively on that matter in a future blog post…

Standard tickets were unavailable between February and June 2018. By the time the resale came around on the 6th of June, the huge demand for tickets that had been there in February had simmered down. And as a result the final handful of tickets for the festival went unsold.

But will Boomtown sell out in 2019?

This year things are going to be a bit different. At the time of publishing this article, as many as half of all Boomtown tickets available to the general public may have been sold already. That’s pretty impressive!

Those sales will however slow down from now until the new year. But excitement will then start building in the lead up to the headline announcements on the 8th of February 2019. By this point in time a second ticket buying frenzy will be underway. And given the strongest ever day 1 sales, tickets could sell out as early as February 2019. 

Last year it was speculated that the Glastonbury fallow year helped fuel Boomtown ticket sales, and to an extent that was true. But anecdotally, a lot of those Boomtown first timers from 2018 are planning to return, so ticket sales should continue to be strong.

Perhaps tickets may remain available as long as March or April 2019. The difference this time around however, is that once they sell out, they really will be all gone. There will be no Boomtown Springs ticket release to save the day, as they are already available for purchase now. And the myriad of circumstances which caused a large number of resale tickets to be available in June won’t happen again this time. Any resale tickets will be very limited.

A further factor, is that a license application for further capacity increases is not being planned, according to official festival sources. The total capacity will remain the same as last year. Since Boomtown continues to increase in popularity, with many people choosing to return every year, that puts a huge strain on ticket availability.

I haven’t got tickets yet, how long do I have left?

Don’t delay too long, because Boomtown 2019 is very likely to sell out. Keep a close eye on the official Boomtown Facebook page where ticket warnings are usually posted. Be particularly careful around the lineup announcement in February, where a large number of the remaining tickets will be sold very rapidly.

Source believes that Boomtown 2019 is on course for a total sell out. And Source estimates that it may occur between February and April 2019. But it’s impossible to say for certain before the strength of the lineup is known.

You can check out the Source buyers guide to tickets for Boomtown 2019, if you need any help picking out the right ticket. There are a lot of options and it can be a little confusing! There are instalment plan schemes available, if the reason for not buying a ticket yet is a financial one. A festival like Boomtown can seem like an expensive commitment, but trust Source that it is worth every penny.

Will Wednesday tickets sell out?

This is really tough to predict. There are 16,000 Wednesday tickets available. Last year sales were slow, owing to the £40 price tag, and the fact it was only announced at the last minute.

This year a lot more people are gearing up to arrive on Wednesday, and the cost has been slashed in half to £20! Not to mention that those arriving by coach have the possibility to arrive on Wednesday for free. A further added perk is that every public campsite is open on Wednesday this year, rather than the limited number from last time around.

Please note that Camp Skylark and Campervan East will not open until Thursday!

With much better publicity around Wednesday opening, and coach tickets for Wednesday arrival being available from day 1, Source predicts that sales will be a lot stronger this time. A sell out of Wednesday tickets is likely, but not guaranteed.

One last thing…

There has been some conversation that tickets were available cheaply in the days leading up to the festival this year from unofficial sources. Some people have claimed they are planning to buy a discounted ticket unofficially in the last few days before Boomtown 2019, in order to save money.

It was true that tickets were available cheaply, as low as £100, just before the festival in 2018. But if the festival totally sells out as Source predicts, that might not happen again next year. Secondary market tickets were only so cheap, as official ones were still available from the website. The risk of a secondary market ticket being fake is “priced in”, which is what causes this difference in cost. People would rather pay a bit more to guarantee a real ticket.

You are taking a big risk when you buy from an unofficial sourceIf you buy a cheap ticket, you risk it being fake. And if you buy an overpriced ticket in desperation, then you support the touts (and it still might be fake, or duplicated).

Help support the festival by buying only an official ticket, and shut down the touts by refusing to buy their overpriced tickets.

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