Boomtown 2018 is Here. It’s Already Started!

This is the last blog post until after the festival! Source is about to go into full out Boomtown mode, and won’t be in a fit state for writing or posting anything for the next 5 or 6 days. So the blog is on official hiatus until after recovery.

If you’re coming to this page on your mobile from the festival, and are just looking for some quick links to the most popular information pages, here you go:

Source is unfortunately not going to Boomtown until Thursday morning. But Source has enjoyed seeing many photos of all of your beautiful faces on coaches, in the queue, and setting up your tents. And will see the rest of your beautiful faces tomorrow at the fair.

If you just can’t go without all the latest news and updates during the festival, Boomtown Chat is a non-stop source of information, photos, and chatter. But really you should just turn off your phone for the whole weekend and enjoy the festival. That’s what Source is doing at least!

It's Boomtown Time
Boomtown 2018 has arrived!

Thank’s for all your support, this blog page is only 3 weeks old, but Source has had so many wonderful comments and compliments. The Best Campsite guide has been read by almost 6000 people! And the Source Boomtown Map went viral all over social media and message boards. It’s totally blown me away.

You guys are awesome, and Source looks forward to partying with each and everyone of you this weekend.

Big love

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