Boomtown Build 2019 – Update 20/07/2019

Boomtown Source has scoured social media and the web, to bring you a round up of all the best photos of this years Boomtown build so far.

The build is still very early in the process, and most of the photos only show scaffolding… so no spoilers yet! All photos were taken over the course of the past 10 days or so. Meaning things have now moved on further than pictured in some cases.

Boomtown 2019 Build Update 1
Sunset over Paradise Heights, photo by Boomtown Fair Official

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First up, Soaring Views took their drone up to get this fabulous overview of the whole festival back last Saturday. Last year they visited the site a couple of times in the build up, so hopefully we get another update from them soon.

Boomtown build has started for this years festival.

Posted by Soaringviews Aerial Photography on Saturday, 13 July 2019

The official Instagram page for the Matterley Estate (where Boomtown is held) also shared an aerial drone shot of the Lions Den and Temple Valley last week.

Zena Claire from Boomtown Chat went on a stroll through the site a few days ago, and was able to capture the following photos:

Zena Claire Boomtown Chat
Lions Den, photo by Zena Claire
Zena Claire Boomtown Chat
Downtown Bowl, photo by Zena Claire
Zena Claire Boomtown Chat
Copper County, photo by Zena Claire

Saintfletch from the eFestivals forum also went for a site walk, and captured a whole bunch of photos. A selection are below.

eFestivals Saintfletch
First sneak peak of the new Grid stage, photo by Saintfletch
eFestivals Saintfletch
Directions for deliveries, photo by Saintfletch
eFestivals Saintfletch
Theming elements piling up in Copper County, photo by Saintfletch
eFestivals Saintfletch
Downtown Bowl, photo by Saintfletch

And lastly, I should of course mention that Boomtown are running their own official build gallery on their Facebook page. Have a click and nose through if you’ve not already checked it out.

Stay tuned to Boomtown Source, and follow all of our build update roundups in the run up the festival. This is just the first!

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