Boomtown Build 2019 – Update 02/08/2019

It’s time for the third Boomtown Source build update photo gallery. A lot of the site is now nearing completion, and it’s only 5 days until Boomtown 2019! The crew are working absolutely flat out to get everything ready for next week.

The Boomtown Crew are starting to keep some of the exact details hidden, and are mostly not posting spoilers on Instagram. But I’ve rounded up what little crumbs could be found… You might consider some of the below to be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Boomtown 2019 Aerial Map
Click on the photo to embiggen this aerial map

The above aerial photo was taken by HighVisionLtd just a couple of days ago. It shows progress really coming along across the whole festival. I have annotated the photo to help you get your bearings. Don’t forget to check out the full sized Boomtown Source aerial photo map too… updated for 2019!

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Official Boomtown Build Video 2

Boomtown have posted their own official build video just earlier today! This gives me tingly feelings…

The city streets are nearly ready for their grand unveling… 5 days to go! #RespectTheCity#LeaveNoTrace

Posted by Boomtown Fair on Friday, 2 August 2019

Copper County

First up, we have some photos of the fantastically detailed work going on in Copper County…

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Boomtown DiariesDAY 18Epic few days with more crew, every weather you can imagine and only 7 days left to go! You…

Posted by Play Button Studios on Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Nucleus Stage / Area 404

Area 404 is brand new for Boomtown 2019. It’s located where Sector 6 used to be. The Nucleus stage is the big main arena, but Area 404 also is bringing 3 other stages to this area of the festival.

Some fantastic work below from Dapper Signs!

And now for the Nucleus stage itself… this is really going to be quite something when finished!

Nucleus Stage Build
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Let’s go btown

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Relic Stage

The Relic stage… looks almost exactly like Bang Hai Towers so far… BUT, a hint to the changes coming this year can be seen lying on the grass…

Relic Stage Build

Lions Den

Big up the Lions Den build crew!

Paradise Heights

Construction in progress, and the crew hard at work…

Paradise Heights Build

Other bits and pieces…

More sign work, this time by Sparks Welding Services for the Dystopia stage in Downtown…

Campsite Hub platforms have been put up in the Old Town campsite…

Some of the Boomtown team enjoy the view of Downtown…

And finally, tilo_50 took a walk along the South Downs Way, and shared these 4 shots…

That’s all we’ve got for now. You can find our previous build update posts here. And don’t forget Boomtown are running an official build photo gallery too.

Stay tuned to Boomtown Source!

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