Boomtown 2019 line up: Stages and set times

Here is every artist announced for the Boomtown 2019 line up. Sorted by stage split, with set times, and all on one page for your total convenience! There are well over 1000 announced acts. Source will keep this page updated all the time, with the latest announcements, stage splits, set times, and any rumours too.

Update: Hey you there! What are you doing here? Source have a brand new page with all the Boomtown line-up details for 2022. Scroll down if you’re looking to reminisce on the 2019 line up.

Boomtown Line Up
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Boomtown Map 2019: Stages, Parking and Camping

Looking to find your way around Boomtown 2019? Look no further than the Source unofficial Boomtown map! On this page Source has you covered with both the official and unofficial Boomtown maps.

Update! You can find information about the new layout of the festival in 2022 on our Boomtown 2022 map page.

Getting lost and discovering a new act, secret alleyway, or forest party is all part of the fun at Boomtown Fair. But sometimes you need to know where you’re going, so that you can find your way to the acts you want to see.

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Best Places to Camp at Boomtown Fair

Where is the best place to camp at Boomtown? Which is the best campsite? It’s one of the most frequent questions I’m asked about Boomtown. I’m going to review every campsite at the festival so you know all the best spots. Updated for 2019!

Important update! The layout of the entire festival is going to change in 2022. We are all going to have to be lost together next year. You can find out more on my latest Boomtown 2022 changes info page.

Where To Camp
Review of the best places to camp at Boomtown Fair

In this post, Source has given every campsite a rating, along with a selection of pros and cons.  I’m only covering the main public campsites which are open to everyone with a standard ticket. So if you’re already in a pre-booked a specific campsite, check out the 2019 map instead to see where you are heading.

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Boomtown’s storyline quest has begun… a new clue?

If you’ve been paying close attention to the Boomtown Storyline Quest group on Facebook, you’ll know that this years immersive maze has already started. This year for the first time, the maze runs deeper than ever. You can start getting involved before the annual fair has even begun!

Boomtown citizens have been busy unravelling clues planted by hackers on the OneCor company website. And trying to solve social media puzzles being posted by Mr Bliss from Momentary Bliss in Paradise Heights.

But new puzzle pieces are constantly revealing themselves. There are many more already floating out there just waiting to be found.

The Last Tree
The Last Tree

Boomtown Source can exclusively reveal a previously undiscovered social media account. Perhaps this could help us to unravel the next part of the mystery…

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