“What it takes to build a world” – A new Boomtown film

Boomtown are due to release a new film at 1pm tomorrow, called “What It Takes To Build A World”. The 19 minute film has been leaked to Youtube early, and is already available to watch right now!

It’s an absolute treat for fans of the festival. Source thinks this might be the finest video they have ever put out. The film takes a brief look at the history of Boomtown before diving in to interviews with some of the main team behind the festival. They give a rare behind the scenes glimpse of what exactly goes into building Boomtown.

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The second half of the video looks at the environmental impact of Boomtown, and what is being done to effect positive change both at the festival, and in the wider world. Boomtown fans are lucky to be blessed with such a fantastic team who are fiercely independent, and genuinely want to make a real difference.

You, reading this right now, can make such a huge difference by using the recycling/composting bins located all over the festival, and taking your tents and possessions home with you. The South Downs National Park is a truly beautiful location to hold a festival. The festival won’t continue in future if the land is not respected.

Lak and Chris

Boomtown is a one of a kind festival, and is only made possible because of it’s passionate independent team. There is no other festival quite like it anywhere in the world. If you’ve been… you know this.

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