Boomtown 2018: Let’s talk about the weather…

With 2 weeks to go until Boomtown 2018, it’s time to sit down and have a chat about the weather. You might have seen that it’s predicted to be as hot as 37c this week in parts of London.

Normally as a festival weekend approaches in the UK, we all start frantically checking the weather forecast. We usually are hoping, wishing and praying for no rain.

6/8/18: Editors note – the weather forecast has significantly changed since this article was written. Pack for all weather!

Boomtown Mud

This year though the focus is a little different. Everyone is asking… Just how hot is Boomtown going to be? In case you have been living under a rock, we are enjoying one of the best summers in UK history. It has barely rained at all in almost 3 months for most of the South of England. And everyday has been a BBQ day for weeks on end.

As seen in a previous Boomtown Build Update the grass at the site is yellow and dying. It seems likely there will be nothing but dust left if the latest long range forecasts can be believed.

The latest forecasts are in, and there is seemingly no end in sight to the “Endless British Summer of 2018”. Here is the latest from the BBC:

Monday 6 August—Sunday 12 August

Dry and warm in the south, cooler in the north

Some warmer weather may hang on across south-eastern England and East Anglia, as this is where the driest and sunniest weather is expected around the middle of the week.
Later in the week, especially after Thursday 9th August, there are indications that high pressure will start to build across the UK from the south-west, and so temperatures may climb once more (although the heat is not expected to be as widespread as earlier in the week).
A lot of dry and settled weather is likely, and winds will generally remain light.

BBC Monthly Outlook

So it seems there is no end in sight to the summer. Stay safe out there, the hot weather does make for perfect festival conditions. But you can also get dehydrated, sunburned, or worse. And that might just put a bit of a downer on what is shaping up to be a smashing weekend.

Sunny Boomtown 2016

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