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It’s all gone a bit quiet here at Boomtown Source.

Running this site the past few years was a lot of fun. But it’s also quite a lot of work to keep it going, and I’ve needed to focus on some other things in my life.

I’m still around though. You can normally find me taking part in the chat on the Boomtown Subreddit, the community I’ve also been running for a few years now.

Thanks for all your support these past few years. Boomtown, the festival, the fans, you are all amazing. Hope to see you all at Boomtown 2023.

The amount of you coming to visit me here last year was unbelievable. I’m just some random guy who made a little website about a festival I love.

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Thanks 🙂

Big Love

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Boomtown 2022 map: Big changes!

Have you been struggling to get your head around the changes coming to Boomtown in 2022? The festival layout has been totally scrambled! Boomtown have just released the official map for this year’s festival.

Boomtown Map Official 2022
Boomtown Map 2022 – Official

The map is beautiful, painting Boomtown to look like a theme park. But it’s a little difficult to interpret the actual layout. At Boomtown Source, we have had a go at making our own map!

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Boomtown Line-up 2022: Confirmations and rumours

Speculation about this years Boomtown line-up is reaching a fever-pitch. The festival have made the unusual step of deciding to keep the line-up a secret until just one week before the festival.

But with everyone keen to know who might be appearing this year, the thirst for line-up news and rumours has never been greater. You’re in luck, as we’ve managed to confirm over 120 acts so far, as well as at least 90 more rumoured artists.

Tickets are officially sold out, but we have 100% official resale tickets available for you to buy right now on Boomtown Source.

Boomtown Line-Up 2022
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Boomtown Tickets: Face value tickets still available

A fresh batch of final release tickets for Boomtown 2022 have just been made avaliable for this years previously sold out festival.

You can buy the final release tickets from the official ticket website using this link.

The resale system, where fans were able to sell each other their tickets is now closed for this years festival.

Boomtown Wristband
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Boomtown 2022: All the changes in detail

Resale tickets are still available, for what might be the most intriguing and mysterious chapter of the Boomtown story to date. At Boomtown 2022, everything will change.

Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering will unleash the biggest shakeup the city has ever seen. Boomtown HQ have been hard at work during the lockdown, totally redesigning many aspects of the festival. It’s such a landmark moment in the festival’s history, that they are going right back to the beginning… Chapter one!

What you can still expect, is the worlds greatest party! But with so much else changing, Boomtown Source breaks down what’s coming at Boomtown 2022.

Boomtown 2022 The Gathering
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