Boomtown 2021 is Sold Out

Boomtown 2021 has now sold out. The last few tickets were snapped up at around 7pm on Thursday the 25th of Feb.

Boomtown 2021 The Gathering

The ticket buying frenzy was triggered when the UK Government announced plans earlier this week to end all Covid-19 restrictions, with a target date of the 21st of June 2021. This easing of restrictions could allow an event like Boomtown 2021, which takes place 11th to the 15th of August, to go ahead.

A further wave of buying started, when Reading and Leeds festivals, which also take place in August, announced they are planning to go ahead. This had led to festival goers around the UK scrambling to buy tickets for festivals before they sell out. We certainly will have all earnt it!

But can Boomtown actually go ahead in 2021?

It’s tough to say for certain. The frenzy of ticket buying was prompted by UK government announcements, as well as Reading and Leeds festivals announcing they planed to go ahead. Boomtown have remained more cautious, posting the following message:

Of course, there are still bumps in the road ahead but rest assured we’re doing absolutely everything we can to make sure our incredible community can dance together again this August.

It seems clear Boomtown will do everything they can to make sure the event can go ahead, but obviously the global pandemic is out of their control. Organising an event like Boomtown is very challenging in this situation, and despite their best efforts, they may need to cancel.

You can rest assured if you have bought a ticket, that if for any reason Boomtown can’t go ahead in 2021, you would be entitled to keep your ticket for a rescheduled date. You are entitled to a full refund if the event is cancelled altogether because of Covid-19.

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I didn’t get a ticket… what do I do?

There will be a resale of unwanted tickets on the 1st of June. You can sign up to receive official resale information direct from Boomtown here.

Boomtown Forest Party

We don’t recommend buying tickets from Facebook, Instagram, or from ticket resale websites. These are often scams, as the tickets are “print at home”. The same ticket can be sold multiple times, without you even knowing. Each ticket can only be used once, no matter how many times it is printed. It’s best to stay safe and wait for the official resale.

Boomtown have now launched an official safe ticket resale system. Only buy and sell tickets using the official links. The website is Any other type of link is a scam. Don’t pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other method. Paying my debit/credit card, using the official TicketSellers website, is the only safe way to buy a ticket. Scammers are rife, don’t get conned.

There is now a ticket buying and selling thread on the Boomtown Subreddit. Remember to stay safe, and if it seems dodgy, walk away and wait for the resale.

How did it sell out so quickly?

Boomtown 2021 will run at a lower capacity than in recent years. This is partially to help make complying with any Covid-19 safety measures easier, but also to help recreate the smaller community atmosphere found at older Boomtowns.

You can read more about the changes coming to this year’s festival here at Boomtown Source.

See you at Boomtown in August

I can’t believe I am writing this in February 2021…. but Boomtown is sold out! And I might get to see you all there in August. What a difference a week can make. Nobody would have believed this event could go ahead a few short weeks ago. Now that it’s sold out, optimism about summer has clearly returned across the UK.

The fact that Reading and Leeds have confirmed they are going ahead, which also takes place in August is very encouraging. Let’s hope Boomtown can pull it off.

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