Boomtown Tickets: Face value tickets still available

A fresh batch of final release tickets for Boomtown 2022 have just been made avaliable for this years previously sold out festival.

You can buy the final release tickets from the official ticket website using this link.

The resale system, where fans were able to sell each other their tickets is now closed for this years festival.

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Boomtown Resale Tickets

Until midnight on the 4th of August, it was possible for fans to sell each other their tickets using an official resale system. We had been posting links to the resale tickets on this page, and were able to help sell a lot of tickets.

1551 – Number of ticket links advertised on Boomtown Source.
1154 – Number sold or withdrawn from sale
397 – Amount remaining unsold

I’m glad we were able to help 74% of people sell their tickets, and sorry if you were unable to sell your ticket before the deadline. It is still possible to sell your ticket “unofficially”, and process a name change, so you have options. Good luck.

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