Boomtown 2021 Tickets – A buyers guide

Boomtown 2021 tickets are on sale now! We’ve got all the details and pricing you need to know for this years ticket sales. Don’t forget to check out our break down of everything changing at next year’s revamped Boomtown.

Update! Boomtown 2021 was cancelled, but Boomtown 2022 is almost certainly going ahead. And I have a new page to help you get a Boomtown Ticket in 2022.

Boomtown Wristband
Exchange your eticket for a wristband at the festival

When and where do Boomtown tickets go on sale?

Tickets for Boomtown went on sale on the 1st of October 2020 at 7pm. The only official place to buy tickets is at theticketsellers. Never buy tickets from unofficial sources.

Covid Refunds

In the event of cancellation due to coronavirus, you are entitled to a refund, as per the terms and conditions on the official website:

Cancellation or Postponement as a result of Covid 19. If the festival is cancelled or postponed before it has started due to the Covid 19 pandemic then you will be eligible for a refund in line with clause 1.5 above.  In the event of postponement of the festival before it has started, and where it is rescheduled to another date, the ticket holder may elect to either use the existing ticket for the rescheduled date or apply for a refund. Refunds under these circumstances must be applied for within 3 months of the date of cancellation/postponement via our ticket provider, TicketSellers. Any refund requests must be made by the original purchaser of the ticket.

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Boomtown 2021 ticket prices:

If you want to know all the price levels for Boomtown 2021 tickets, here is a quick run down of the main options.

Travelling by public transport is heavily encouraged to help the planet. Doing so will result in a reduced price ticket, and a whole extra free day at the festival on Wednesday.

4 day standard tickets:
-Phase 1: £209
-Phase 2: £225
-Phase 3: £239
-Upgrade to 5 day ticket: +£20

4 or 5 day public transport saver tickets:
-Phase 1: £199
-Phase 2: £215
-Phase 3: £228
-Upgrade to 5 day ticket: Free

Tickets for under 18’s:
Teen 13-17: £150
Child 0-12: Free
All under 18’s must be accompanied by someone over 30.

Instalment plans:
There are several different instalment plans available. These are designed to take advantage of the VAT rate cut for the events industry. The sooner you can pay off your ticket, the less tax, and therefore the cheaper your instalment plan. Please see the ticket page for the latest instalment plan details.

Booking Fees:
Most tickets are subject to a £7.50 booking fee, and £10 refundable ecobond, returned when you hand in a bag of litter/recyclables at the end of the festival.

What is the difference between the numbered phases?

Only the price. Ticket’s are cheaper for those who buy them the furthest in advance, in order to generate some hype for the festival and shift tickets. It also rewards loyal fans of the festival, who want to lock in for next year early. And it helps the festival out too, with some cash flow to get the acts booked, and the elaborate stages/sets built.

What is the difference between public transport and standard tickets?

You have to arrive by coach or bicycle to use a public transport ticket. Your ticket will be validated, and if you don’t arrive by public transport, you’ll have to pay the difference at the box office. You have to buy a coach ticket/train shuttle ticket/cycle ticket at the same time in order to buy a public transport ticket.

It’s environmentally conscious, avoids the hassle of needing to drive home hungover, and you save some money on your ticket too. All public transport tickets also include entry on Wednesday totally free of charge.

What’s the deal with Wednesday tickets?

Everyone with a public transport ticket can arrive on Wednesday at no extra cost. If you are coming by car, you can arrive on Wednesday for £20 extra on a standard price ticket per person.

Since 2019, all campsites are now open on Wednesday. New for 2020, car sharing is no longer mandatory on Wednesday.

What about my campervan?

Tickets cost £100 again this year. You need to select which type of campervan you want at time of purchase.

  • Campervan overlooks the festival and is open from Wednesday.
  • Campervan Meadow is only for those with accessibility needs or disabilities.

Car parking tickets?

All car parking is £26, regardless of which day you arrive, and which car park you use. You will be directed to a car park upon arrival, please follow the directions given on signage and by the stewards. If you follow your sat-nav instead of the road signs, you will get lost. Trust.

Car parking tickets are only on sale until the 22nd of June 2021, so don’t leave this until the last minute.

What is an ecobond?

£10 will be added to the cost of every Boomtown 2019 ticket. Everyone has a responsibility to clean up their own mess. And when you hand in a bag of your rubbish/recyclables at the end of the festival, your £10 will be returned.

Day tickets, ID, and under 18’s

  • Day tickets are not available, but you can buy a weekend ticket and only come for a smaller part of the festival if you prefer.
  • The name on the ticket must match your ID. ID checks are now strictly enforced, so don’t chance it.
  • Only adults can be admitted with an adult ticket and ID is strictly checked. If you are under 18, you need the correct ticket, and to be accompanied by an adult.
Under 18
Under 18’s can have a lot of fun at Boomtown

Camp Skylark & Camp Orchid

Camp Skylark offers pre-erected tents and tipis, along with luxury facilities

Camp Orchid offers the same kind of facilities, but you can bring your own tent.

Boomtown Springs Pool
Boomtown VIP area – mansion and private swimming pool

See you at Boomtown 2021…

Hopefully by now you know which Boomtown 2021 tickets you need to buy. If you’ve got any more questions you think should be answered, let Source know on social media channels at Facebook and Reddit.

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