Boomtown 2022 map: Big changes!

Have you been struggling to get your head around the changes coming to Boomtown in 2022? The festival layout has been totally scrambled! I’ve had a crack at making an unofficial Boomtown 2022 map, based on what we know so far. It should help to visualise how much the festival is going to be changing this year.

It’s worth keeping in mind this is an unofficial map, and some guesswork has gone into the locations. That said, this is roughly how things should end up looking for Boomtown 2022.

Boomtown Map 2022
Boomtown Map 2022 – Boomtown Source

If you want to compare, you can click here for our map of the 2019 festival.

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Downtown Bowl

All the 6 main festival districts will now be located in a new expanded downtown bowl area. It’s more than twice the size compared to 2019. Uptown stages and districts are all moved into downtown, and many will be totally rebranded/updated. All the festivals main stages are now contained in the central bowl, with each district getting it’s own iconic stage.

The festivals biggest main stage will be in “Grand Central”. This is a major new stage, right in the middle of the festival. It will have a giant tower in the centre, acting as a beacon which can be seen from around the festival. The 6 districts will encircle this central area, creating a Disneyland style feel. You can immerse yourself fully in the city without the previous long walks between districts/stages.

Grand Central – Concept art from Boomtown teaser video

Forest Parties

I’ve marked the locations of the 3 forest parties confirmed for 2022. Hidden Woods, Tribe of Frog, and Tangled Roots are all back, and in their usual spots.

Campsite Villages

New for 2022 are the 3 campsite villages marked on the map in blue. Each village will also contain a central tower, like Grand Central, acting as a beacon for your campsite. The campsite village will have food, fire pits, acoustic music, and general chill out zones. This is the place to be at the end of the night, where you can wind down, meet like minded people, and watch the sun rise.

In the day time expect yoga, healing workshops, exercise classes, and all the good sort of wellbeing/craft activities that you’d previous find in Whistler’s Green.

For the first time in years, every campsite will be just a short stroll from the main action. There is going to be a lot less walking, and a lot more mayhem!

Camp Skylark and Camp Orchid

Camp Skylark is the VIP pre-pitched campsite (e.g. Tipis). Camp Orchid is the “bring your own tent” VIP campsite. Both have flushing toilets, showers, and various facilities. The locations are not confirmed. I am reasonably confident of the Camp Skylark location, but Camp Orchid could have moved since the team told me this planned location, some time ago.


Again, the team told me this would be the campervan location back in 2021, but it was some time ago. I have no reason to believe it has changed, and this area is flat with easy road access. It makes sense. It has a great view over the whole festival.

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