Boomtown Line-up 2023 – News and Rumours

This year’s Boomtown main stage line-up is now here! But there are still many dozens of small stages and micro venues left to announce. We’ve got all the confirmed acts and rumours here on Boomtown Source.

The thirst for line-up news and rumours has never been greater. You’re in luck, as with the help of the Boomtown community, we’ve rounded up all the latest news and rumours for this years festival.

Boomtown Lineup

Boomtown 2023 Line-up

Officially Announced Main Stages

Boomtown have announced their 13 main stages. Yes that’s right, Boomtown has 13 main stages. The full line-ups can be found on the below posters, and set times are now available on the “Woov” app.

Boomtown Grand Central Lineup 2023
Boomtown Origin Lineup 2023
Boomtown Engine House Lineup 2023
Boomtown Zenith Lineup 2023
Boomtown The Vault Lineup 2023
Boomtown Wrong Side Of The Tracks Lineup 2023
Boomtown Hidden Woods 2023
Boomtown Hanger 161 Lineup 2023
Boomtown Spectrum 360 Lineup 2023
Boomtown Tangled Roots Lineup 2023
Boomtown Fools Leap Lineup 2023
Boomtown Tribe Of Frog Lineup 2023
Boomtown Foggers Mill Lineup 2023

Microvenue Line-Ups

As well as the 13 main stages, Boomtown has many dozens of smaller stages and microvenues. These are all run by independent crews who arrange their own line ups. Each venue is dropping their line up piece by piece. Here are the ones we have so far.

Boomtown Dubtendo Lineup v2 2023
Boomtown Bobbies Lineup 2023
Boomtown Lawless Halls Lineup 2023
Boomtown Teachings In Dub-Party 2023
Boomtown 30 Years Of V Party 2023
Boomtown Electrikal Lineup 2023
Boomtown Hotel Paradiso Lineup 2023
Boomtown Sublab Lineup 2023
Boomtown Hitechnicians Lineup 2023
Boomtown Little Pharma Lineup 2023
Boomtown Botania Street Parties Lineup 2023
Boomtown Botanica Zoo Lineup 2023
Boomtown Cosmic Junkyard Lineup 2023
Boomtown Pomegranate Parlour Lineup 2023
Boomtown Samedia Shebeen Lineup 2023
Boomtown Twisted Time Machine Lineup 2023
Boomtown Unorthodox Party 2023
Boomtown Gabber Kebabber Lineup 2023
Boomtown Digital Funfair Lineup 2023

How did we do?

At Boomtown Source, we listed 185 rumoured artists. And so far 121 of those have now been confirmed on the above posters! We still believe many of the others are still coming, but just on some of the smaller unannounced stages.

Spotify Playlists

The legends at Boomtown Chat have made a Spotify Playlist based on all the confirmed acts for Boomtown 2023 so far. You can also find stage specific playlists below.

Stage by stage Spotify playlists:

Prodigy/Fatboy Slim…Still Possible?

These acts were strongly hinted by Boomtown in promotion material, but did not appear in the main announcements. Therefore the chance of them appearing now seems much lower. But not impossible! There are some theories as to why:

  1. The hints were “red herrings” to throw people off the scent of The Prodigy
  2. The 2 acts hinted have both collaborated with The Prodigy, so actually these could have just supposed to have been Prodigy hints all along
  3. Perhaps these 2 acts are still appearing in some form, perhaps as special guests. Some have suggested both of them could appear during The Prodigy, but scheduling commitments makes this seem difficult.

2 Acts, Order A-Z

  • Fatboy Slim
  • Pendulum
Boomtown Hints
Boomtown have dropped some line-up hints…

Self confirmed / Leaked

All of the below have either self confirmed via socials, or we have received some kind of reliable tip off. There is no guarantee, but we are pretty sure these acts are on the Boomtown 2023 line-up! We haven’t seen them on any of the above posters yet, but we still think they might be there at unannounced micro-venues, or appearing secretly.

17 Acts, Order A-Z

  • Asher Simmons
  • Bubski
  • Bushbby
  • CJ Beatz
  • Jaz (
  • LVT (
  • Majestic
  • Matt Acidic
  • Mollie Collins
  • Moonshine Malarkey
  • Mr Switch
  • Popes of Chillitown
  • Riguana
  • Rodney (
  • Ryan De La Cruz (
  • Scottish Gabber Punk
  • ZJ (

Highly Likely

Boomtown Source has reason to believe that the below acts still have a high chance of being at Boomtown 2023. We think you can bank on it, but don’t sue us.

6 Acts, Order A-Z

  • DJ Kara
  • Esme Banks
  • Kings of the Rollers
  • Mia Koden
  • Mozey
  • Vibe Chemistry


Boomtown Source has seen rumours on some of the below acts, but cannot verify. Many of them have Boomtown shaped gaps in their touring schedules, or are already in the area. But so far they haven’t been announced, so chances are fading. Some of these could easily be booked in smaller venues though, so don’t give up just yet!

23 Acts, Order A-Z

  • A.M.C
  • Afriquoi
  • Baba Yaga
  • Black Midi
  • Black Star
  • Brother Culture
  • Bryan Gee
  • Chat Pile
  • Deki Alem
  • Dr Meaker
  • Everyone You Know
  • Fikir Amlak
  • Hollie Cook
  • Hybrid Minds
  • Janet Kay
  • Josh Gleaves
  • Partyboi69
  • Ragga Twins
  • Redeemon
  • Rua Tui (Thickboy Records)
  • Turnstyle
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls
  • Zen Lewis

Probably not

Given the main lineup has now dropped, these previously rumored acts seem extremely unlikely to appear at Boomtown. Forget about it.

15 Acts, Order A-Z

  • Aphex Twin
  • Carroll Thompson
  • Chemical Brothers
  • David Rodigan
  • Dizzie Rascal
  • Dub Pistols
  • Gentleman’s Dub Club
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • Sean Paul
  • Shy FX
  • Skepta
  • Stormzy
  • The Streets / Mike Skinner
  • Underworld
  • Venbee

Can you help?

Got any tips for us about the line-up? We need your help! Why not join the discussion over on the Boomtown subreddit. Share the knowledge, and help build up the acts on this page. We’ll keep our ears to the ground, and update the above as and when we hear anything.

Thanks to everyone on the Boomtown Subreddit and the Boomtown Chat Facebook, who have helped out with the detective work. We wouldn’t have so many acts to speculate on without these amazing communities, and their sleuthing.

Big Love

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