Boomtown 2021: What’s changing, and why?

Tickets are now on sale, for what might be the most intriguing and mysterious chapter of the Boomtown story to date. At Boomtown 2021, everything will change.

Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering will unleash the biggest shakeup the city has ever seen. Boomtown HQ have been hard at work during the lockdown, totally redesigning many aspects of the festival. It’s such a landmark moment in the festival’s history, that they are going right back to the beginning… Chapter one!

What you can still expect, is the worlds greatest party! But with so much else changing, Boomtown Source breaks down what to expect at Boomtown 2021.

Boomtown 2021 The Gathering
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Boomtown 2021 is Sold Out

Boomtown 2021 has now sold out. The last few tickets were snapped up at around 7pm on Thursday the 25th of Feb.

Boomtown 2021 The Gathering

The ticket buying frenzy was triggered when the UK Government announced plans earlier this week to end all Covid-19 restrictions, with a target date of the 21st of June 2021. This easing of restrictions could allow an event like Boomtown 2021, which takes place 11th to the 15th of August, to go ahead.

A further wave of buying started, when Reading and Leeds festivals, which also take place in August, announced they are planning to go ahead. This had led to festival goers around the UK scrambling to buy tickets for festivals before they sell out. We certainly will have all earnt it!

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Boomtown 2021 map – Big changes!

Have you been struggling to get your head around the changes coming to Boomtown in 2021? I’ve had a crack at making a Boomtown 2021 map, based on what we know so far. It really helps to visualise how the festival is going to be changing next year.

It’s worth keeping in mind this is an unofficial map, and a lot of guesswork has gone into the locations. That said, this is roughly how things may end up looking in 2021.

Boomtown Map 2021
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“Area 404” launched in Bristol – Boomtown’s warehouse sized nightclub

Area 404 has arrived in Bristol! Boomtown have so far hosted 4 huge Halloween parties and a NYE bash at their new 3,500 capacity warehouse nightclub. It’s located in the heart of Bristol, just a few minutes from Temple Meads Station.

Area 404 Core Reactor
Core Reactor – The Main Room
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