Boomtown 2022: All the changes in detail

Resale tickets are still available, for what might be the most intriguing and mysterious chapter of the Boomtown story to date. At Boomtown 2022, everything will change.

Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering will unleash the biggest shakeup the city has ever seen. Boomtown HQ have been hard at work during the lockdown, totally redesigning many aspects of the festival. It’s such a landmark moment in the festival’s history, that they are going right back to the beginning… Chapter one!

What you can still expect, is the worlds greatest party! But with so much else changing, Boomtown Source breaks down what’s coming at Boomtown 2022.

Boomtown 2022 The Gathering
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Is Boomtown going meat free in 2020?

Earlier today, in a bold move, the festivals creative director revealed the festival may be considering going meat free for Boomtown 2020. It has created an extremely lively debate on social media. Seems we have a lot to discuss…

Vegan Sushi - Meat Free Boomtown?

It was calculated that at least 10,000 animals were slaughtered to provide food for the 65,999 revellers at Boomtown 2018. Making up for more than a third of the festivals environmental impact! With Boomtown’s sustainability objectives taking centre stage during the 2018 closing show, reducing meat consumption could be a big win! Or is it instead a massive own goal, opposed by the festival’s fans…

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Record ticket sales, but will Boomtown 2019 sell out?

Boomtown clocked up record ticket sales in just the first few days of being available. On the 1st of November 2018, over 20,000 tickets sold in the first 2 hours alone. So does that mean the festival is on course to totally sell out? And if it does, then when will it sell out?

Shy FX Lions Den
SHY FX opening the Lions Den at Boomtown
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Boomtown 2018 is a Wrap

The crew are still busy clearing away Boomtown 2018, but for the vast majority of us it’s now over, and we have all returned to reality. Our boring everyday non-Boomtown lives =(

Boomtown Bang Hai

It has taken Source 4 days to recover enough to write anything for the blog. I know about and have heard many stories of the difficult adjustment period after Boomtown. It’s just hard to return back to real life, right?

It really is a testament to the quality of Boomtown. A fantasy world, that makes us believe that anything is possible, shows us who we can truly be, and questions our very reality. Going back to work sucks.

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