Boomtown Build Update 24/07/2018

Photos of the build for Boomtown 2018 are coming in thick and fast now. This stunning aerial shot from @soaringviews was shared on instagram:

The festival also posted their first official construction update today too. It shows the new “mega resort” of Paradise Heights rising above the treeline. Paradise Heights is the new name for a redeveloped Mayfair in 2018.

The districts are rising … Here's a first glimpse at the all new mega resort, Paradise Heights!!Get ready for…

Posted by Boomtown Fair on Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Source didn’t expect to be posting another build update the very next day! Exciting times. Also why not check out yesterdays Boomtown Build Update.

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Boomtown Build Update 23/07/2018

Work has started on building Boomtown Festival for 2018, and a couple of photos have started to make their way onto social media over the weekend.

Sam Francis shared this great photo of Downtown construction in progress on the Boomtown Chat Facebook page.

Boomtown July Update

The Boomtown Chat Facebook page is a very active community with over 2000 members, and dozens of new posts every day. I recommend checking it out here.

Over on Instagram, @zedfrances had this photo to share of Sector 6 going up. I recommend checking out her Instagram, as their are a few more build photos on there too.

Before the madness

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Check out how dry that grass is! Hopefully the endless British summer of 2018 can last just a few more weeks to take us through Boomtown weekend too.

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Boomtown Map 2018: Main Stages and Camping Map

Looking to find your way around Boomtown 2018? Look no further than the Source unofficial Boomtown map! On this page Source has you covered with both the official and unofficial Boomtown maps.

Update! You can find information about the new layout of the festival in 2022 on our Boomtown 2022 map page.

Boomtown Aerial Photo

Getting lost and discovering a new act, secret alleyway, or forest party is all part of the fun at Boomtown Fair. But sometimes you need to know where you’re going, so that you can find your way to the acts you want to see.

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Boomtown Official: BTN Episode 3

The 3rd episode of “BTN: Boomtown News” is out for 2018. This time, it focuses on the totally new layout of the festival. The festival gods have finally gifted us with a Boomtown Map… in video form!

A lot has changed for 2018. Most of the camping has been removed from the bowl area. Downtown has been totally rearranged and expanded into a whole new maze of alleyways and hidden venues. See what else you can spot. Exciting times!

Remember to check out the Source unofficial Boomtown Map which should help clear up any confusion about the new layout.

In case you needed to catch up:
BTN Episode 1
BTN Episode 2

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