Boomtown 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Here is everything you need to know about Boomtown 2019. Chapter 11 is set to be the most revolutionary yet. Keep up to date with Boomtown Source, as we continue to learn what’s in store for the next chapter of the Boomtown Fair story…

Boomtown 2019
Boomtown 2019: A maze of city streets and giant stages

Boomtown Chapter 11: A Radical City

The name and theme for Boomtown Fair Chapter 11 is “A Radical City”. Every year Boomtown has a new chapter, like a book. There is an ongoing story line that flows through the festival each year. At Boomtown you are encouraged to take part and get involved in an immersive theatrical story line, that connects each chapter together. It’s unlike anything you have experienced at other UK festivals, and has to be experienced to be understood.

The future of Boomtown is “unwritten” for chapter 11, according to the festival’s creators. In just 10 years, Boomtown has grown from its roots as a small independent festival to, well, the UK’s largest independent festival! International acclaim has firmly made it a “must do” for festival goers worldwide. It’s a fiercely independent festival, that has lost none of it’s original spirit, despite it’s rapid growth. And now it faces a crossroads…

Earlier this year, Boomtown launched the respect campaign, and in chapter 11 aims to transform the 2019 festival into a radical city.

That means:
-Caring about the environment
-Thinking about the sustainability of the festival
-Considering the consequences of throwing the world’s greatest party
We can still have a great time… but let’s do so responsibly.

Boomtown are not willing to put on a festival which damages the planet. And that means changes need to happen, starting right now. I call on every person reading this page to play their part in making the vision a reality. Travel by public transport, take your tent home with you, and recycle all of your waste before leaving. Live the Boomtown values, and become a true participant in the community.

When is Boomtown 2019?

Boomtown 2019 runs from Wednesday the 7th of August 2019 to Monday the 12th of August 2019. Those with a standard 4 day ticket can arrive at the festival from midday on Thursday the 8th of August 2019. 5 day tickets will be able to arrive a day earlier on the Wednesday.

Where is Boomtown 2019?

The naturally beautiful Matterley Estate in Winchester will host Boomtown 2019, as usual. The location has not changed since 2010. And the festival has not been cancelled. And it’s not been sold off either! So stop with the rumours. Because none of them are true.

When will the lineup be released?

The very first announcements will be made as soon as December 2018! The main headliners will be announced on the 8th of February 2019. 

Boomtown Parade
Annual Boomtown parade weaving through Old Town

You should know that Boomtown is so much more than just a “line up” type of festival. Over 20,000 tickets were sold in the first two hours for Boomtown 2019, before any lineup announcements had been made. Boomtown is a show, where everyone is a participant. It’s an immersive theatrical experience, filled with shows, experiences and surprises around every corner. And its die hard community of fans grow in number each year.

We go to Boomtown, simply because it is Boomtown, and no other festival in the world compares. The line up is simply an added bonus. Will you be joining the fun in 2019?

When do tickets go on sale, and how much?

Tickets are on sale now! You can find out everything you need to know, including pricing in my Boomtown tickets buyers guide. And remember that theticketsellers are the only place to buy official tickets.

Tickets first went on sale at 7pm on Thursday the 1st of November 2018. The cheapest tier 1/tier 2 tickets sold out in just minutes, but many more are still available.

Boomtown Money
Boomtown dollars unfortunately not accepted when buying tickets

How can I arrive on Wednesday?

One extra day of Boomtown sounds like a brilliant idea to me! 5 day tickets are free for those arriving by public transport, and included in the price for Boomtown Springs ticket holders. It’s a £20 add for those arriving by car, and you need to be car sharing with at least 3 persons.

As many as 16,000 Boomtown goers can arrive on Wednesday. While tickets didn’t sell out in 2018, it is thought that Wednesday will be in high demand for 2019, so don’t leave it too late.

New for 2019, all campsites will now be open on Wednesday except for Camp Skylark and Campervan East, which won’t open until Thursday.

What about Boomtown Springs & Camp Skylark?

What on earth are Boomtown Springs and Camp Skylark, and what exactly is the difference? Boomtown Springs is a special VIP ticket, sold separately to standard festival tickets. Camp Skylark is an add on to your standard festival ticket, providing pre-pitched camping and glamping options.

Find out more details about both of them in my complete tickets guide.

You can find the locations of Boomtown Springs and Camp Skylark on the map I made for Boomtown 2018. They will not be changing in 2019.

If you’re not going to be glamping in one of the above, you might find my guide to all the different public campsites useful.

Boomtown Springs Pool
Boomtown Springs with its mansion and private swimming pool

What is the total capacity of Boomtown 2019?

The total capacity of Boomtown 2019 will remain 65,999, the same as in 2018. As such, ticket prices have had to increase to fund ongoing investment in new stages, experiences, and behind the scenes infrastructure.

This number broke down approximately as follows in 2018:
-48,400 public ticket holders
-16,599 staff, crew, volunteers, traders, performers and artists
-1,000 free day tickets for local residents on Sunday

How can I join the Boomtown community?

In recent times, the online community surrounding the festival has exploded, and there are now some great places to chat everything Boomtown.

Here are some of my personal favourite spots to hang out:
Boomtown Chat – A 6,000 member strong Facebook group, which has become the largest online community surrounding the festival.
Boomtown Subreddit – The Boomtown subreddit has over 800 subscribers and growing, and is run by the same people as Boomtown Source.
eFestivalseFestivals has a dedicated forum for Boomtown, if you prefer a more traditional message board experience.
Boomtown Source Facebook  Follow our blog on Facebook for all the latest news and updates from the festival.

You should also join the official event page on Facebook, however Boomtown Chat is a much more active discussion forum for all you Facebook users.

See you all at Boomtown 2019!

Sunny Boomtown 2016

I can’t wait to see every single one of you at Boomtown 2019.

You can get in contact with me at my Facebook Page. Like, follow, and all that good stuff, to keep up to speed with all the latest news and information in the run up to Boomtown Fair 2019.

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