Boomtown’s storyline quest has begun… a new clue?

If you’ve been paying close attention to the Boomtown Storyline Quest group on Facebook, you’ll know that this years immersive maze has already started. This year for the first time, the maze runs deeper than ever. You can start getting involved before the annual fair has even begun!

Boomtown citizens have been busy unravelling clues planted by hackers on the OneCor company website. And trying to solve social media puzzles being posted by Mr Bliss from Momentary Bliss in Paradise Heights.

But new puzzle pieces are constantly revealing themselves. There are many more already floating out there just waiting to be found.

The Last Tree
The Last Tree

Boomtown Source can exclusively reveal a previously undiscovered social media account. Perhaps this could help us to unravel the next part of the mystery…

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The Last Tree

Last year at Boomtown Fair, in DSTRKT 5, “The Last Tree” stood as the districts centre piece and icon. Said to be the last tree remaining on planet earth. “Mad John” claims that he has seen it…

Mad John will tell you his story… if you’ll listen. You can read what he has to say on this Twitter page. Read all his tweets in order carefully. He has quite the story to tell.

Mad John worked at the Sector 6 power station. Before it blew up leaving behind the new Area 404 and Nucleus stage with it’s Nuclear disaster themed district and stages.

Somehow this nuclear explosion at Sector 6 must all link in with the last tree. Check out this potential clue on the DSTRKT 5 announcement poster:

DSTRKT 5 last tree

So Boomtown citizens… what do you think? Am I on to something here? help me put it all together!

If you want to participate in the Boomtown Storyline Quest, I highly recommend getting involved in the defacto “official but unofficial” Facebook group devoted to solving these riddles.

If you want to catch up with past story lines, I suggest reading the archives on the official website to bring you fully up to date.

As always keep up to date on everything Boomtown by following Boomtown Source on the social media pages linked below. And I’ll see you at the fair in just a few short weeks time!

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