Boomtown Build Update 01/08/2018

The festival have posted some new teasers images from this years Boomtown build on Facebook! As usual, they are not giving much away. There are some big surprises this year, and so far we haven’t actually seen many updates from in and around the site. No big spoilers leaked so far… keep up the good works guys.

Boomtown Build Update August

You should go check out the official Building Boomtown Facebook post now to see it all if you haven’t yet. Source has some of that and plenty more below.

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Boomtown Build Update 28/07/2018

Edging closer still; Boomtown Fair 2018 is less than 2 weeks away. Here is the latest Source round up of build photos, including an official video.

First up, we have a video posted yesterday on the official Facebook page. It has already been viewed 68k times at the time of post… With a capacity of 66k I guess everyone has watched it already (some more than once)! You guys are sure getting hyped.

Building Boomtown… Chapter 10

Ahead of Chapter 10 meet some of the people building our magical city ! xxResale tickets:

Posted by Boomtown Fair on Friday, 27 July 2018

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Boomtown Build Update 24/07/2018

Photos of the build for Boomtown 2018 are coming in thick and fast now. This stunning aerial shot from @soaringviews was shared on instagram:

The festival also posted their first official construction update today too. It shows the new “mega resort” of Paradise Heights rising above the treeline. Paradise Heights is the new name for a redeveloped Mayfair in 2018.

The districts are rising … Here's a first glimpse at the all new mega resort, Paradise Heights!!Get ready for…

Posted by Boomtown Fair on Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Source didn’t expect to be posting another build update the very next day! Exciting times. Also why not check out yesterdays Boomtown Build Update.

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Boomtown Build Update 23/07/2018

Work has started on building Boomtown Festival for 2018, and a couple of photos have started to make their way onto social media over the weekend.

Sam Francis shared this great photo of Downtown construction in progress on the Boomtown Chat Facebook page.

Boomtown July Update

The Boomtown Chat Facebook page is a very active community with over 2000 members, and dozens of new posts every day. I recommend checking it out here.

Over on Instagram, @zedfrances had this photo to share of Sector 6 going up. I recommend checking out her Instagram, as their are a few more build photos on there too.

Before the madness

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Check out how dry that grass is! Hopefully the endless British summer of 2018 can last just a few more weeks to take us through Boomtown weekend too.

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