Boomtown Build Update 01/08/2018

The festival have posted some new teasers images from this years Boomtown build on Facebook! As usual, they are not giving much away. There are some big surprises this year, and so far we haven’t actually seen many updates from in and around the site. No big spoilers leaked so far… keep up the good works guys.

Boomtown Build Update August

You should go check out the official Building Boomtown Facebook post now to see it all if you haven’t yet. Source has some of that and plenty more below.

Rounding up the Facebook updates, here are the most interesting ones we got shown. They show 3 of the zones which have been renamed and updated this year. But not much new stuff has been given away yet…

Boomtown Copper County Build
The updated Wild West zone ,Copper County, is coming together nicely.
Boomtown Metropolis Build
Looks like Boomtown are upping their game in the newly updated China Town, Metropolis.
Boomtown Paradise Heights Build
A view towards the new glamorous casino hotel in the updated Mayfair zone, Paradise Heights.

If you are totally lost after seeing these photos, why not check out the Source Boomtown Map? Not knowing where half the stages are is half the fun though!

Heading over to Instagram, it’s been pretty quiet but we got a couple more photos. This one is from @mileham82.

@davidlolperry got this shot on his way past late last week.

#Boomtown taking shape.

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And this final last minute addition, comes from “Jock Shennan” on the Boomtown Chat Facebook page. In the past week 500 new users have joined and it’s grown to be 2,500 members in size. It’s a very active community in the run up to the festival and well worth getting involved with for some extra HYPE.

Boomtown Chat Update
Jock Shennan – Boomtown Chat

That’s it for now. Why not check out all the Source Boomtown build update posts while you are here?

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