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Boomtown delivered it’s first announcement for 2019 this past Friday, and it did not disappoint! Boomtown’s social media comments have been going crazy at seeing some of the names dropped on the brand new Area 404 line up poster!

Please note this post relates to the announcement of the Area 404 district at Boomtown Festival. Click here if you are looking for information about the brand new Area 404 nightclub in Bristol.

Huge names announced include Carl Cox, Skream, Four Tet, Eats Everything and around a dozen others. After the successful debut of the Pagoda Plaza stage in 2018, Boomtown has continued to expand it’s horizons. With a whole new district in 2019, dedicated to techno, house and all things electronic: Area 404. And it seems like Boomtown have got it spot on, with a overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans. They blew it out the water with this surprisingly strong announcement. Many did not expect to see any names this big announced until the 8th Feb 2019.

See the dedicated Source 2019 line up page for all the latest artist confirmations and rumours.

The Area 404 line up poster can be found right here:

Area 404 Lineup Poster

While there were the usual cries claiming the festival had gone “mainstream” (as every year), they were few. And the overall response has been overwhelmingly positive. DnB is prolific at Boomtown, and will likely remain one of the most represented genres. So don’t worry bass addicts. The remaining 11 districts for Boomtown 2019 will start to be announced starting from the 8th of February. And if you are still worried about the festival going mainstream I suggest you watch the following:

Area 404: Nucleus Stage

Nucleus is the brand new main stage, and is presumed to be replacing Sector 6. Source predicts the new stage will use elements of the old stages, in line with the Boomtown sustainability ethos. The Nucleus, and Area 404 may grow out of the rubble of the old recycled Sector 6 stage.

There’s always the chance both major dance stages end up with upgrades… stranger things have happened at Boomtown.

Nucleus Stage Teaser
This teaser image, perhaps of Nucleus, does look a little like Sector 6….

Here is some of info about the new stage, direct from the festival themselves. Source has highlighted some clues….

“A city in transition, an empire in ruins… In a deserted industrial quadrant, scavengers pick through the remains of the fallen Bang Hai Technologies infrastructure. Drones buzz in the sky and through the haze of the dust clouds a colossal, unidentified structure begins to ascend, emitting a strange and eerie light across the broken landscape … something new is happening in AREA 404.”

“At the heart of AREA 404 a new kind of structure is emerging from the ruins of the once thriving industrial zone,  a vast tower with strange and unknown apparatus covering its ever expanding edifices and infrastructure that grows out from the central core, enveloping the remains of existing ruins in its evolution. At its core a glowing orb pulses and flashes at the epicentre of the vast advanced machine intelligence station that has mysteriously appeared at the heart of this deserted contamination zone.”

Hmmmm, Source is really excited about this. Something a bit more three dimensional rather than a flat stage, perhaps? Think Arcadia, but on a larger scale…. Whatever happens, it looks like Source has a lot of work to do in order to update the Boomtown Map ready for next year! Changes are coming.

Announcement video:

Area 404: Street venues

Street venues, and a street rave have also been announced for the new zone…
Acid Leak has your Acid Techno, Techno and Old Skool.
Fallout Disco has got your Disco and House.
SP23 is a Spiral Tribe crewed massive street rave

More details are scheduled for release on February the 8th 2019, when the main lineup of the remaining 11 districts begins to be revealed.And a rumour that has gone viral in recent weeks is that Prophets of Rage will be at Boomtown 2019! This is based upon an appropriate gap in their Europe tour, when they are already in the UK. It’s a great booking if true, but gaps in tour schedule don’t always make surefire indicators. But no smoke without fire they say…. Rumour confidence: 60%

Stay tuned to Boomtown Source on Facebook for all the latest, news, rumours and gossip. And for everything we know about Boomtown 2019 rounded up into a neat little package, check out the source guide.

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