Boomtown 2020 Line up and rumours

Looking for EVERY act announced for the Boomtown 2020 line up so far, and all the latest rumours too? Boomtown Source has every confirmed act, and all the latest gossip right here. We’ll be keeping this page constantly updated as more acts are announced.

Boomtown 2020/2021 was sadly cancelled due to the global pandemic. You can find all our information about what’s changing for Boomtown 2022 on our new page.

Boomtown Line Up 2020

The main line up poster for Boomtown 2020 dropped on the 6th of February 2020. Boomtown teased the first few back in early December. Boomtown 2020 will have over 100 venues, and 1000s of acts, with much much more to be revealed in the Spring.

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Line up announcements so far

The lineup poster for Boomtown 2020 is hot off the presses! Announced on the 6th of February, this is Boomtown’s biggest lineup to date.

Boomtown 2020 Lineup Poster

Further announcements will be made district by district starting in the spring. Updates to the rest of this page will follow soon.

The below were officially confirmed by Boomtown themselves in early December. The rest of the line up started being announced on the 6th February 2020, as per the above poster.

Lion’s Den:


Town Centre:
-Caravan Palace
-Flogging Molly

-Candi Staton

The Forge:
-Tank and the Bangas 

-Vini Vici
-Hilight Tribe

Rumours, wish list and speculation

Source also thinks that it’s time to start up the Boomtown 2020 rumour mill. Last year I only published a few rumours from high quality sources, and as a result they all turned out to be 100% true! This year I am taking a few more risks/guesses so will try and put the strength of the rumours into categories…

Likely Rumours:

These rumours have come from trusted sources, and seem like fairly safe bets. But don’t count your chickens yet…

-Electric Swing Circus
-Dirty Saffi

Possible Rumours:

These rumours are more uncertain, but there has at least been some inkling of a clue that they might be appearing. There’s no guarantee…

-Noisia (now confirmed!)
Aphex Twin
(not happening)
(now confirmed!)

-Fatboy Slim
-Inner City / Kevin Saunderson
-Wu Tang Clan (now confirmed!)
-Damian Marley
(now confirmed!)

Speculative/Wish List:

These rumours are just speculation from around the community, and should be taken with a grain of salt. But sometimes no smoke without fire? Don’t take these too seriously yet…

-Major Lazer / Diplo
-Shy FX (now confirmed!)
-Pendulum Trinity (now confirmed!)
-Fat Freddy’s Drop
-Reel Big Fish
-No Doubt
-The Wurzels
-Dropkick Murphys
-Mad Caddies
(now confirmed!)
-Too Many T’s
-Oh My God! It’s The Church

-Smerin’s Anti Social Club
-Tankus the Henge


This is just a selection of the better known regular acts who show up most every year at Boomtown…

-Beans on Toast
-AAA Badboy

-Count Skylarkin
-Countless regular DJS, crews and soundsystems

Definitely not:

Just a quick note that System of a Down are a UK festival exclusive at Download in 2020, so won’t be appearing at Boomtown. Sad times.

Who do you think is on the Boomtown 2020 line up?

Have insider knowledge? Just got a hunch? Want to troll Boomtown Source with fake news? Let me know on the various Source social media pages linked below!

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