Boomtown 2020: Everything You Need to Know

Here is everything you need to know about Boomtown 2020. Chapter 12 of the annual Boomtown festival is titled “New Beginnings”. Keep up to date with Boomtown Source, as we continue to learn what’s in store for the next chapter of the Boomtown Fair story…

Boomtown 2020/2021 was sadly cancelled due to the global pandemic. Find out all the changes which have been announced for the 2022 festival on our new page.

Boomtown 2020
Boomtown 2020: The stunning Nucleus stage will return

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Boomtown Chapter 12: New Beginnings

The name and theme for Boomtown Fair Chapter 12 is “New Beginnings”. Every year Boomtown has a new chapter, like a book. There is an ongoing story line that flows through the festival each year. At Boomtown you are encouraged to take part and get involved in an immersive theatrical story line, that connects each chapter together. It’s unlike anything you have seen at any other festival, and has to be experienced first hand to be understood.

Boomtown is a new breed of “immersive experience” festival, the largest of it’s kind in the world. Like a warped Disneyland for adults, it has 12 themed districts, where you can truly lose yourself inside of a fantasy wonderland. The film set style city is built up every year, in the beautiful South Downs National Park.

The city streets are bustling with character actors, all with a name and back story, waiting to lure you into their seedy hidden venues. Talk to everybody, ask questions. And expect to be thrown into unexpected situations as the story of Boomtown unfolds all around you.

Boomtown has it’s own lore and celebrities. And every single ticket holder is invited to become a part of the imagined world. Will you be the next hero or villain to be written into the story?

Paradise Heights Show
A spectacular theatrical show in Paradise Heights at Boomtown

Music, theatre, sustainability and more…

Almost any genre of music you can dance to is represented, a list too long to mention. Reggae, Metal, Drum and Base, Ska, House, Techno, Electro-Swing, Psytrance, Folk, Gabba… You name it, and you’ll find it at one of the over 100 stages and venues at Boomtown.

Boomtown is fiercely independent, and reinvests your ticket money into throwing an even bigger event each year. They are the largest truly independent festival in the UK. Boomtown have put environmental issues and sustainability at the heart of their ethos, centred around 3 core philosophies known as the Respect Campaign.

They do not have shareholders or corporate owners. The money made from ticket sales is used to book acts, pay the bills, and provide the Boomtown team with a living wage. Unlike a more corporate festival, your ticket money is used to throw the worlds greatest party, rather than to line some fat cats pocket.

When is Boomtown 2020?

Boomtown 2020 runs from Wednesday the 12th of August 2019 to Monday the 17th of August 2020. Those with a standard 4 day ticket can arrive at the festival from midday on Thursday the 13th of August 2019. 5 day tickets will be able to arrive a day earlier on the Wednesday.

Where is Boomtown 2020?

The naturally beautiful Matterley Estate in Winchester will host Boomtown 2020, as usual. It’s the only festival held in the stunning South Down’s Natural Park. The location has not changed since 2010. And the festival has not been cancelled. And it’s not been sold off either! None of those rumours are true.

Sunny Boomtown 2016
Rolling hills and woodland parties at Boomtown Fair

What is the line up?

The first major lineup poster was announced on the 6th of February 2020. Further district by district announcements are being made on Boomtown social media feeds week by week.

Boomtown Source has every act confirmed for the Boomtown 2020 line up on our dedicated page. All the latest rumours and gossip too.

Click here to see the Boomtown 2020 line up so far

Boomtown Parade
Annual parade weaving through the streets of Old Town

You should know that Boomtown has so much more going on than just it’s line up. Over 20,000 tickets were sold in the first two hours for Boomtown 2019before any lineup announcements had even been made. Boomtown is a show, where everyone is a participant. It’s an immersive theatrical experience, filled with cabaret, hidden interactive venues and surprises around every corner. And its die hard community of fans grow in number each year.

People go to Boomtown, simply because it is the largest immersive theatrical spectacle in the world, and no other festival compares. The line up is simply an added bonus. Will you be experiencing it for yourself in 2020?

When do tickets go on sale, and how much?

Tickets are on sale now! Tickets went on sale at 7pm on Wednesday the 6th of November. Check out the Boomtown Source ticket buyers guide, it has full details of all the ticket types, tiers and prices.

Click here to buy Boomtown Tickets

Boomtown Money
Boomtown dollars unfortunately not accepted when buying tickets

Public Camping, Camp Skylark or Camp Orchid?

Boomtown Source has written a review of all the different public campsites. But if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy, then you might want to consider Camp Skylark or Camp Orchid.

Camp Skylark is the festivals highest level of luxury, with a wide range of pre-pitched glamping options. A wristband for this VIP zone costs £60.50 per person plus the cost of your chosen accommodation. It has flushing toilets, hot showers, pamper rooms and more. It’s located next to the Lions Den.

Camp Orchid on the other hand costs £65.00 per person, but is a bring your own tent arrangement. You get the same kind of luxury showers, toilets and pampering as in Camp Skylark, but without having to splash hundreds of pounds on luxury glamping. You get access to the two “Zooloo” toilets in the Hilltop and Downtown locations inside the festival too. Source thinks this presents pretty good value if you are interested in flushing showers and toilets. It is located in the same place as Boomtown Springs was before.

Boomtown Springs is no more in 2020, but you can now find the same kind of facilities in Camp Skylark at a much more affordable price point.

What is the total capacity of Boomtown 2020?

The total capacity of Boomtown 2020 is 76,999, a total increase of 11,000 from 2019. These further ticket sales fund ongoing investment in new stages, experiences, theatrical shows, huge bookings, and behind the scenes infrastructure.

Boomtown has been named the fastest growing festival in the world over the course of the past 10 years. Ticket sales help fund the continued investment and development of Boomtown, which is never the same twice. It truly is a “Boomtown” which never stops growing and evolving.

This number of tickets breaks down approximately as follows:
-58,000 public ticket holders
-17,999 staff, crew, volunteers, traders, performers and artists
-1,000 free day tickets for local residents on Sunday

How can I participate in the Boomtown theatrical story / immersive maze?

Every year at Boomtown is a new chapter in the Story, and this year is no different. Chapter 12 is titled “New Beginnings”, will follow on from the foundations set up in Chapter 11. Chapter 11 was considered a complete reboot of the story, with a whole new cast of characters rising to prominence during the 2019 fair.

Immersive Story

For the first time in 2019, the story line begun online 6 weeks in advance of the annual fair! Boomtown Source was exclusively invited to reveal story details in the run up to Boomtown 2019. So stay tuned to Boomtown Source social media channels later in 2020 for the latest exclusive hints and updates to help you get fully involved.

How can I join the Boomtown community?

In recent times, the online community surrounding the festival has exploded in popularity, and there are some great places to chat everything Boomtown.

Here are some of my favourite spots to hang out:
– Boomtown Subreddit – The Boomtown Subreddit has over 2k subscribers and growing. It is run by Boomtown Source.
– Boomtown Chat – Facebook group which has become the largest online community surrounding the festival.
– Boomtown Story Group – Facebook group devoted to exposing the mysteries of the developing Boomtown theatrical story.
 Follow Boomtown Source on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all the latest news, updates, memes and line up gossip.

See you all at Boomtown 2020!

Source can’t wait to see every single one of you at Boomtown 2020.

Big Love

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