Identity of the Masked Man: Hidden Easter Egg

Was the identity of the masked man hidden on the Boomtown official website all along? At Boomtown Source we’ve uncovered a mind blowing secret on the official website. The identity of the masked man could have been figured out long before the big reveal on the Sunday night of this years festival.

Boomtown Masked Man

For those of you out of the loop: A.M.I revealed the identity of the man behind the mask, as part of the fantastic closing ceremony at Boomtown 2018. The leader of the people’s revolution had been a droid under the control of none other than the CEO of Bang Hai Industries himself!

Clever citizens of Boomtown following the story line quest, were able to expose this fact. They ensured that A.M.I would answer the masked man identity question live at the Sunday closing ceremony. But as it transpires, there may have been a hidden easter egg on the Boomtown website for several months leading up to the festival, exposing the truth far earlier.

The Hidden Easter Egg…

If you take a look at the Boomtown 2018 Official Website, we are presented with this familiar header image:

Masked Man Secret

I decided that I wanted to save this header image to my computer, so I right clicked on the image and pressed save. Just as you normally would. The result I got however, was a little strange. I only had the 3 central characters saved to my computer, and none of the background. This is all you can save:

Masked Man Secret

You can try this for yourself on the official website. I found this to be very odd. Why would they separate out the different elements of the image into different files? I immediately went digging for the background image, and it was not easy to find. After guessing a few different file names, I instead started to dive into the source code of the page, and after a little digging found the background of the image:

Masked Man Secret

Mind Blown…

What I discovered when I looked at the background image in detail blew my mind. It was the CEO of Bang Hai Industries, staring right out at me from behind the mask. Right there on the website, hidden behind those 3 central characters! The same website layout that has already been online for most of 2018. Unreal!

Masked Man Secret

You can find the full version of the background image on the Boomtown servers by clicking here. Just so you know that I’m not making this up!

So as it turned out the identity of Boomtown’s masked man had been hidden on the website all along. Did anyone else manage to find this hidden website secret before us? Why not let us know in the comments on our brand new Boomtown Source Facebook page?

At Boomtown Source we are going to have all theĀ buildup to the 2019 festival. So check back for all the latest news, ticket and lineup info as and when we find out. We are a new, small blog about Boomtown, and would like to thank the festival community for their amazing support over the past couple of months.

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